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Create Profit Centers With Side-Hustle Income Part 1

First of all let us get a good understanding of what these terms mean. What is a side-hustle? A side hustle is what my generation called anything done for a second income or discretionary income. If you have more than one income then your side-hustle is the one that you would ditch if a better opportunity came along. More and more these days people are working several side-hustles as apposed to having one career. Why? I would say it has to do with having more control over your time, and the only ceiling on your ability to earn is directly related to how well you manage your time and business. But I digress. For the purposes of this article a side-hustle is anything you do for income beyond your primary career or job. It is, by default, your second income. So then, what is a profit center? A profit center is something you build over time to create a steady flow and stream of income. It is like a royalty check you receive for work you did in the past. Days, weeks, months, or years in t

Langstroth Comfort Hive Conversion Part 2 (the split)

Please make sure you have the correct skewers. Just any skewer will not work. Click the image above to order the correct skewers. Beekeeping Tutorials BigDaddyBigz Book Reviews My GPS Forex Trading Robot 3 Diary Monthly Financial Roundups! Before you buy another book check out the Kindle Unlimited Membership Plans

Langstroth Comfort Hive Conversion Part 1

In this video I am attempting to present to you a very simple method of create a Sam Comfort style hive from a traditional 5 frame Langstroth Hive. Hope you find it helpful.  Please make sure that you have the correct skewers for you Comfort Hive project. Click on the image above to see the correct skewers. Beekeeping Tutorials BigDaddyBigz Book Reviews My GPS Forex Trading Robot 3 Diary Monthly Financial Roundups! Before you buy another book check out the Kindle Unlimited Membership Plans

Sam Comfort Hive How-To's

Welcome to the Comfort Hive How-To Page If you are into beekeeping but not into the expense of beekeeping Sam Comfort has developed a way that is much more cost effective. His ingenuity has the potential of completely changing the landscape of beekeeping in the USA. It is not only inexpensive, but it also has practical application. I personally believe it even has the potential to change how largescale pollination is done in North America.  On this page you will learn many of the different facets of comfort hive beekeeping from catching your first swarm in a Comfort Hive Trap, making an easy conversion from a langstroth hive to a Comfort Hive, building your hives, what kind of skewers are needed and where to find them, possible pollination opportunities, and people of influence in the comfort hive space.  If you find this information helpful please like our videos, share the page with your friends, and be sure to subscribe to the BigDaddyBigz Blog. Thank you! 1. Comfort Hive Swarm Tr

Book Review: The Gift of Acabar by Og Mandino and Buddy Kaye

In 2020 my wife purchased for me the entire collection of Og Mandino books. What a blessing they have been so far. The man's writing style makes his books perfect for all readers. Simple and interesting, but mostly very inspiring. Such an interesting and entertaining story. Incredibly inspirational too.  There is an idea presented in this book on page 58 about the spark of life and the debt it presents for all who have received it. The way in which this idea is brought to its fullness in the following pages makes the entire story important to all humans. No spoilers here. The story of the life of Tulo and all that he goes through and learns all comes together in such a great way with a surprise ending. I have learned so much from his own message, Acabars gift, and the growth of all of the people in the town. Such a great inspiration from the mind of Og Mandino. Get a copy of The Gift of Acabar. You will not be disappointed. Thanks for checking out my review of The Gift of Acabar

Book Review: The Greatest Secret in the World by Og Mandino

Click image above to see more reviews on this book If you have ever wondered why you can't accomplish certain things in your life that you really desire to accomplish the problem may be your programming. And yes, you can change your programming.  Need help getting over life's hurdles? Are you having problems with you stinking thinking, attitudes, finances, spiritual growth, unruly children, or anything else that you may want to change? This book will tell you exactly, step by step how to correct these problems. You will have to follow the book's instructions to have desired results, but I personally guarantee if you do this you will absolutely see positive results.  The instructions in this book, when applied properly and often, have the ability to transform your reality. This is not hype. The results have been proven over and over again. The thing that stands in most people's way is their own laziness. That may be the very first thing you will want to concur before y